Malwarebytes Techbench

A new, comprehensive computer repair shop program built for technicians, by technicians.


How it works

Malwarebytes Techbench offers a comprehensive partnership program for repair shops looking to boost margins and grow their business. You’ll receive the tools and resources to make your shop a success.

Questions? Take a look at our Program Guide.

Toolset tour

Our intuitive toolset ensures you have the right tools at the right time to get the job done.

Portable Toolset

An all-in-one portable Malwarebytes-powered computer toolkit to help you diagnose, remediate, repair, and secure PCs.


Offer Malwarebytes products to your clients while ensuring you do so at the best profit margin for your business.


Share knowledge with like-minded techs while getting exclusive access to our developers and new products.


Solving your problems, bit by bit

Wrong tools, no tech licensing
Finding a toolset that is both comprehensive and straightforward, and that you can trust to solve more problems than it creates is difficult. And what about technician licensing? Don’t get us started. Malwarebytes Techbench solves this.

Vanishing profit margins
Making your support business profitable is complicated. New PCs appear to cost less than a repair, labor costs are going up, margins are lowering, and the industry is ever-evolving. Malwarebytes Techbench can help.

Rigid technician programs
You might only want to be a reseller. You might only want to be an affiliate. Or you might want to be both. But what if you only want to purchase computer technician repair software? Do you need to sign up to be an affiliate first? Or was that a reseller? Malwarebytes Techbench makes it simple.


Don't take our word for it

"Malwarebytes Techbench provides my team instant access to information we need to get the job done. It takes just a few clicks to review comprehensive systems reports, and the most frequently used repair tools are right at our fingertips."

Lori Tisinai

Computer Concepts USA

"Malwarebytes' tools are my ultimate, go-to solutions when working on my clients' machines. They provide an extremely reliable, accurate, and efficient way to diagnose and repair countless issues. They won't let you down!"

Devon Bertholf

DCB Technology

"The guys and gals at Malwarebytes are really going out of their way to not only make an awesome product for our end-users, but they're also making the technician's life virtually painless with their new easy-to-use repair tools."

Eric Metzner

No Ware Computer Repair

Are you an IT admin or in need of malware remediation in a corporate environment?

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